General Info


Orlando Children’s Church is a Central Florida non-profit, 501 (c)(3), Christian outreach ministry. It was founded by Peter & Isabel O’Driscoll in September 2002 with the support of many faithful individuals who shared their vision.

What began on a Saturday morning with two vans, and a handful of visionaries, navigated through the trailer parks of Orlando’s inner-city picking up about ten children to bring to church. The vision they shared was to reach children living on the fringes of poverty through no fault of their own, powerless to meet their own needs. There was a message of hope and life for these kids that needed to be delivered and through the prayers and dedication of a few, Orlando Children’s Church began on that day. Years later, OCC has grown into a ministry that serves hundreds of families and has fourteen school buses that pick up over 400 children to attend Saturday church every week.

“Saturday Church” is presently hosted by First Baptist Church Maitland. Loaded buses begin arriving at 9:30 AM. Children are separated by age group (Pre-K through 5th & 6th grade through 12th grades) and greeted by enthusiastic volunteers who serve them breakfast donated by Maitland and Winter Park area McDonalds. Kids are engaged in outdoor recreation activities until 10:00 AM. Teachers and activity leaders present spiritual food to the hungry hearts who are eager to learn more about God, His love for them, and His purpose and plan for their lives. Buses begin loading at 11:30 AM to return the kids to their communities.

Through the generous donations of churches, community businesses, families and individuals who are obedient to God’s leadership in their lives, OCC is able to continue meeting the needs of Children in Orlando.

Our message to these kids is this: You matter to God. He loves you so deeply that He sent His son, Jesus Christ, to die for your sin so that you can live forever with Him. OCC is your church; it is your little world where you can learn that every action, every choice you make, and every word you speak, makes a difference in this life. Then, you can go out into this big world, and unleash all your goodness and GODliness, and through Christ…you can change it.

For more information contact, Peter O’Driscoll at 407.760.4402 or contact us by mail at P.O. Box 724, Winter Park, FL 32790.